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Welcome to our Farm!


V D B  Farms LLC is a 40 acre, grass-based grazing farm owned, managed and cared for by Bob and Beth Van De Boom.  We are located in Southeastern Wisconsin just outside the city of Delavan.

We produce grassfed and grass finished beef. The cattle we raise are breeds which have escaped genetic tampering and graze on fresh, organic pasture which directly harvests the sun’s energy to produce nutrient rich, healthy, flavorful meat!  Our livestock are raised humanely, rotating through different pastures and getting all the fresh air and sunshine they need.

We are passionate about being good stewards of the land and want to be socially and environmentally responsible so we can leave the land in better condition for future generations.

We are Certified Organic and have farmed our land organically since 2002.

Have a look around our website and if you have specific questions, check out our FAQ or drop us a line.  We hope you enjoy the experience of providing healthy, grass-fed and grass finished beef for your family!