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Bob & Beth Van De Boom and their black miniature poodle, Gypsy.We have been involved in the organic food movement for over 20 years.  We purchased our farm in 2002 and decided to raise our own source of meat mainly because we could not find producers who met the high standards and expectations we were looking for in our food—not only in the taste and quality but also the manner in which the livestock and land were treated and nourished.  We wanted to leave the land in better condition than when we purchased it.

Yearly, we raise about 30-40 grass-fed and grass-finished beef steers.  You can learn more about the breeds we raise on the Our Products page.

We practice management intensive grazing for the health of the animals and of the land.  Our livestock are raised naturally on fresh pasture directly harvesting the sun’s energy to produce healthy, flavorful meat.  We use NO growth hormones, chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides on either the animals or the land.

Every day of the grazing year the animals get moved to a fresh new paddock.  Rotating animals through different pastures more closely mimics natural migration patterns.  Our animals get all the fresh air and sunshine they want.  In the winter they eat hay made from our fields. Except for the chickens, our animals only eat grass, water, salt and minerals.

Even though we work very hard on our farm, there is so much that we love about what we do!  Beth loves working with Bob to produce the highest quality food products to share with family and friends.  She loves being able to teach customers the benefits of nutrient-rich foods; it’s important to her to help others learn to eat healthy and feel better. Learn more about Beth’s passion and services she offers at her website, The Happy Cell.

Bob enjoys raising animals in a friendly, low-stress environment.  He feels it’s important to give the animals the best life possible while they are on the farm.  It’s satisfying to watch them grow and develop on our lush pastures.  And most of all, it’s rewarding to get positive feedback from our customers on the taste and quality of our products.

You absolutely can trust the quality and fresh flavor of our pastured meat, poultry and free range brown and white eggs.  We love having visitors come to the farm and learn about the benefits of organic farming and we strive to educate our customers as to how our nutrient-rich foods can contribute to your health and well being!

To Your Health and Happiness,

Bob and Beth Van De Boom