Our Policy 


It is our policy to harvest our cattle only when they are “finished.”  Our definition of “finished” is an animal that will grade USDA High Select or Choice.  Our finished cattle are at least 18 months of age, have a plump tail head, a full brisket, have no ribs showing from the side and have reached their maturity.

We decided for the best quality and eating experience for our customers we will not harvest “unfinished beef” and call it “lean beef.”  Cattle will not fill in their fat cells (intramuscular marbling) until they have reached their physiological maturity which is different for each animal. Harvesting an animal before its time is not in a customer’s best interest.  This is why we only have a limited supply of cattle available every year, only the ones that are “finished” are harvested.  Other producers will harvest their cattle early so they do not have to feed the animal through another winter even if they are not “finished.”The bottom line is that there is very little technology can do to make an overly lean, off-flavored animal a good eating experience”.

We will only harvest cattle when they are eating fresh pasture and not stored feed.  Stored feed could taint the flavor of the meat and will not have the highest nutrients available as fresh pasture.  After coming through the winter on stored feed our cattle must be on spring pasture for a minimum of 45 days before harvesting to get the best health benefits and the highest quality of nutrients in the meat.

We believe that every farm has its own unique or bouquet of flavors that originate from the soil.  An artisanal product like grassfed/grass finished beef deserves more celebration of its terroir, a French word that depicts intrinsic flavor nuances based on a food’s area of origin. The high variability in flavor is a value-added trademark of grass finishing. It offers highly desirable traits as a localized product with a taste that is not replicable.

If you have any questions please email us at vdbfarms@live.com.

Healthy eating to all!