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Pastured Poultry


For our egg layers, we raise  Amber Lites and Leghorn chickens on our farm.  They are allowed to roam the pasture all year long and in supplement to the bugs and other goodies they find, we feed them Certified Organic Poultry Feed from Cashton Farm Supply.  



For our poultry meats (broilers), we are proud to support the Schultz Family Farm in Owatonna, Minnesota which raises Certified Organic pastured chicken and turkey.  This will give us the oppurtunity to offer some different products our customers have asked for.  We trust Larry and his family and they meet the same standards you have come to expect and count on from V D B Farms.  This will also allow us to concentrate more on our beef operation.  We know you will enjoy his products (available June 2011).  We invite you to read more about Larry and his family here.




Pastured Poultry Products Pricing 


Whole Organic Chicken (approx. 4.5-5 lb.) and Turkey  (16-20 lb.)

  • $3.99/lb. (chicken)
  • $4.00/lb. (turkey)
  • Processed at USDA Organic Plant
  • Cryovac frozen for your convenience 


Ground Organic Chicken or Turkey

  • $7.00/lb. (1lb. chubs) 


Free-Range Brown & White Eggs

  •  $5.00/dozen   


If you have more questions regarding our poultry products, please visit our FAQ page or Contact Us.